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Donghu Building Wire products

Classification Standard Max Plus Pro
Material PVC LSOH Alloy/LOSH PVC
Standard Meet GB Meet IEC/GB Meet EN/IEC/GB Meet EN/IEC/GB
Features Easy installing Easy installing
Environment friendly
Easy installing
Environment friendly
Lighter and smaller
Easy installing
Environment friendly
Lighter and smaller Trac

Product features

  • Strong conductivity

    The product adopts high purity 99.99% electrolytic copper wire certified by CNAS

  • Low eccentricity

    strictly ensure concentricity greater than 70%

  • High current carrying capacity

    Under the specified conditions, the current carrying capacity of the same specification can be increased by 10%

  • Environmentally friendly

    Meet the latest environmental protection test of EU RoHS & REACH

  • High wear resistance

    Wear resistant insulating layer with high strength and high electrical performance

  • High heat resistance

    The maximum temperature resistance can reach 125 ℃


Wire Consumption Estimation

Decoration area 50-70 square meter 70-100 square meter 100-140 square meter
Lighting 1.5sqmm 200M 1.5sqmm 300M 1.5sqmm 400M
Socket 2.5sqmm 300M 2.5sqmm 500M 2.5sqmm 600M
Air conditioner 4sqmm 50M 4sqmm 100M 4sqmm 150M
Central air conditioner ---- 6sqmm 50M 6sqmm 50M
Main power cord 6sqmm 50M 6sqmm 50M 6sqmm 50M